Top 4 Activities To Do Around Mombasa | Diani | Watamu

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Top 4 Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya


With its magnificent white sand beaches, coral atolls, mangrove forests, lagoons, streams, remote islands, and quiet bays, the Kenyan Coast is a region of exceptional natural beauty.

The coast Stretches up to 1420km and is divided into several sections, including the Lamu coast, south coast, and north coast.

The well-known Diani Beach and Wasini Dolphin Island are located on the South Coast, while the North Coast is home to Mombasa, Nyali, Kilifi, Shanzi, Watamu, and Malindi.

The Kenyan coast is a fantastic travel destination. In addition to the idyllic beach life, it also offers top-notch entertainment, activities, and lodging options that appeal to a wide range of tastes, from the young and adventurous to those seeking sun and relaxation and those interested in learning about the culture and history.

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 Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa

The Kenyan coast provides many additional activities to do around Mombasa and its environs like Diani, Watamu, and Malindi to make your holiday interesting and unforgettable.

In addition to the pampering and relaxation in some of the best beach hotels and resorts, enjoy other activities such as excursions and day trips to wildlife reserves and local areas, incredible cuisine, coastal nightlife, and fun water activities.

Here are some of our top curated activities to do around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya.

  1. Wasini Island / Dolphin and Sea Food Day Tour

The Wasini Full Day Visit will give you a cultural tour of the stunning paradise of Wasini Island before embarking on an Indian Ocean Dhow Cruise with dolphin spotting and if you’re lucky, a dolphin swim.

You will also experience marine life At the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, where you might be interested in snorkeling. Additionally, lunch at one of the best seafood restaurants will be among the highlights of your tour.

Marine life At the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park-Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya
Marine life At the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park
  1. Tamarind Dinner Dhow and Sunset from Mombasa

A Tamarind dhow sailboat during a sunset tour includes a seafood dinner, on-deck dance, and a view of the Mombasa coastline from the deck.

This Mombasa sailing tour is perfect for a romantic evening out because it lasts from sunset until the stars come out over the Indian Ocean. The roomy dhow accurately represents the local culture along the Kenyan coast.

The Mombasa Tamarind dhow-Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya
The Mombasa Tamarind dhow
  1. Sudi Island Day tour from Watamu / Malindi / North Coast Mombasa / Mombasa

Take a day excursion in Watamu Marine Park, one of the best places for a Kenyan beach safari. Visit the amazing reefs for snorkeling, dolphin watching, scuba diving, and much more.

Additionally, while on the north coast, visiting Sudi Island is a must-do activity. Not so far from the Watamu beaches, Sudi Island is one of the best islands to enjoy canoe rides and well-prepared local seafood.

Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya
Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya
  1. Shimba Hills Day Tour from Mombasa / Diani Beach

A wildlife experience is among the best highlights of visiting the Kenyan coast. A day tour to Shimba hills is an opportunity to enjoy nature and experience the wildlife up and personal.

Embark on a game drive searching for the famous endangered Sable Antelopes, the Elephants, giraffes, the big Cats, and the civet cats.

The famous Sheldrick falls in Shimba hills is a great place for an afternoon nature walk as you experience the beautiful waterfall as water cascades into the pool.

Sheldrick falls in Shimba hills-Top Activities To Do Around Mombasa – Watamu-Ukunda Diani – Malindi Kenya
Sheldrick falls in Shimba hills

Best Time to Visit Mombasa – Safety while in Mombasa

It is important to plan your trip and arrive at the right time so that you enjoy your time in Mombasa. Like all countries in East Africa, Mombasa has two rain and dry season.

The long rainy season is in the months of April and May while the short rains come in the months of October, November, and December.

The months between July and October are excellent for visiting Mombasa because the vegetation is very green and the skies blue. The hottest months are January up to March.

Temperatures in the hot months can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius during the day while during the rainy season, it can be about 27 degrees Celsius.

During the low months of April, May, June, and also November, prices of accommodation facilities fall considerably and become affordable.

The high season (December, January, February, July, August, September, and October) attracts a lot of tourists hence raising the cost of accommodation in hotels and resorts.

It is important to note that regardless of the season, you are always welcome to visit the islands. Weather patterns are also becoming unpredictable because of global warming.

We experience rains earlier or later than expected. Traveling during the low season has its charm because you get to explore the island more intimately because there are fewer crowds.

How safe is Mombasa? Every traveler must exercise caution whenever traveling to a foreign country. Check with your embassy about the most recent security updates about Mombasa.

To be safe, book a good accommodation where security is taken as a priority. Do not go to public parks, the beach, and dark places during the night. Don’t expose any of your valuables and jewelry while in public places.


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Top 4 Activities To Do Around Mombasa | Diani | Watamu
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