How Much Does an African Safari Cost in 2024?

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How Much Does a Kenya or Tanzania Safari Holiday Cost
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How Much Does an African Safari Cost? – Kenya and Tanzania Safari Cost


A Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holiday – African Safari Prices

Looking for a Kenya or Tanzania Safari? Well, you must be wondering how much an African Safari cost for a holiday in Kenya or Tanzania. You will also start to notice you will need a lot planned in order to have a beautiful exclusive safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

Kenya and Tanzania are among the best scenic and beautiful countries on the African continent and one would think that visiting this country is affordable however because the tourism industry is among the key economic contributors to this country it is a surprise to many when they learn about how much a Kenya and Tanzania Safari costs.

This beautiful destination offers a variety of things to do while on a Tanzania Safari among which are seeing the big five animals, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain on the African continent, watching the great wildebeest migration, and Cultural tours to visit the amazing Masai people among many other things.


A Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holiday - African Safaris Prices
A Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holiday – African Safaris Prices

These are the factors that determine an African Safari Cost / Prices

So how much does a Tanzania Safari Cost? Or what is the cost of a Kenyan Safari? Well, we have outlined some factors below to help you understand some of the things that are considered in making up an African Safari Cost or Price.

1) How many guests are coming on the safari?

Typically, prices or costs of a safari are given in ‘per person’ form, but this can be misleading as the figures are based on two people sharing a room. If you’re a solo traveler or you want your own room as part of your family or group trip, it’s likely you’ll pay a single supplement cost which is a bit higher than what a single person pays when sharing a room.

2) How do you want your transfers to be?

There are different forms of transfers are available in Tanzania and Kenya to take you around the destinations you will be visiting. Most commons are charter flights, helicopters by air, and 4×4 tour land cruisers by road. Your costs will depend as these forms of transport are charged as per unit, whether you are alone or in a group.

3) Do you have a specific interest to engage in safari?

While on holiday, there are safari activities you might love to engage in to spice up your safari experiences in Kenya and Tanzania. You can add in these activities while on safaris, such as balloon safaris, sundowners and bush breakfasts, horse riding, mobile camping, and much more.

4) When do you want to travel?

This is a very important question while planning your safari holiday. Kenya and Tanzania Safaris are planned seasonally, where we have a low and high season, all these have different costing while planning your safari.

We always recommend traveling during the low season (Jan to June) since the cost is affordable, wildlife is in abundance, and you will enjoy luxury at an affordable rate. The high season happens to be when the great wildebeest migration and crossings happen (July to October) and interestingly attracts many tourists to witness this phenomenon.

5) What level of accommodation are you looking for?

With property prices ranging from USD 300 to USD 3,000 per night, the answer to this question really depends on what type of safari you are after. Is this your safari of a lifetime? Or is this your bi-annual trip? As we’re primarily a luxury safari company, all of our itineraries are high-end or luxury.

However, accommodation options within this luxury region can range from authentic to extremely comfortable to boutique options.

6) Where do you want to go?

Whether or Kenya or Tanzania, the costs are totally determined by the above factors, and with our Cheetah Safaris expert recommendations, we will know which are the best destinations, national parks, or beaches to visit.

A Tanzania safari is a bit expensive compared to a Kenya safari. The best idea would be combing a Kenya and Tanzania Safari, with a minimum of 14 days. This will ensure you visit both countries, different terrains, different experiences, and different nature touch.

How Much Does a Kenya or Tanzania Safari Holiday Cost - African Safari Cost
How Much Does a Kenya or Tanzania Safari Holiday Cost – African Safari Cost

Is it Cheap to Travel Around Africa? How Cheap is an African Safari?

African Safaris can be thrilling adventures but fulfilling as well. It will last for a lifetime. To be affordable, you may need to work with a budget. The cheapest way to enjoy Africa would be to avoid high costs like hiring cars and staying in 5-star hotels.

But since it’s a lifetime experience you are planning for, then make sure it’s worth it, don’t just book a cheap safari that will end up being expensive and not worth it. Find a reliable ground safari operator like Cheetah Safaris, and start planning with them.

You can always negotiate and design your trip to fit your budget, and preferences and as well make it worthwhile at the same time. Safari costs are dependable on so many factors, including 3rd parties and other providers, but we guarantee you a worthy Cheetah Safaris experience.

A ground safari handler is always cheaper than an agent. This is because we are located in the countries where you want to take your safaris, and we know the cost first hand, but as well keeping our rates affordable for a tailor-made or All-inclusive African Safari.


Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?



How Much is a Family Safari Holiday in Africa?

The cost of a Family Safari Holiday in Africa depends on many factors as well, keeping in mind now that elderly and young ones pr children are involved. A Luxury Family safari in Kenya and Tanzania tends to be a bit expensive due to the sensitivity of the guests coming, especially if kids below 10 yrs are involved.

To plan for a Kenya and Tanzania family safari, you will need to start planning early in order to make sure all is well and goes according to plan. A family safari might cost a bit higher, due to the involvement of factors like activities, where to stay, and kind of transfers, either flying or by road.

Kenya Safaris - African Safari Holidays - Guests on game drives in Kenya - African Safari Cost - Cheetah Safaris
Guests on game drives in Kenya – African Safari Cost

What is normally the price of an African safari?

How much does an African Safari cost?

A safari is one of the most exciting and memorable holidays you’ll ever undertake. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of an African safari – such as location, time of the year, and level of comfort – but there are also some good rules of thumb to follow for your safari budget…

Estimated Kenya or Tanzania Safari Cost per day

4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 550 –  USD 870 USD 800 – USD 1,200 USD 1000 – USD 1500 USD 1,450 USD 2350

Overall, it is entirely possible to have an epic safari on both a high and low budget. If you don’t mind foregoing certain frills and sticking to larger, easier-to-reach destinations, then the low-budget safari offers a unique opportunity for adventure that certain seasoned travelers prefer.

But, there is something to be said for the ease of booking a luxury lodge and not having to plan once you get there. Perhaps it’s a choice of whether you want this to be the trip of a lifetime that you can take more than once.

Average Kenya safari cost – How much does a safari in Kenya cost

What does a Kenyan safari cost? “It all depends on what sort of safari you want and can afford. Kenya has more variety than most other African safari destinations, with excellent options from the lower end of the pricing scale (from US$175 per person per day) to luxury Kenya safaris (up to US$1000).

The Kenya Safari Cost for mid-range Luxury Safaris is approximate $800 – $1500 per person per day. In these safari packages, you can opt to fly from Nairobi to the Mara or Amboseli and enjoy a luxury safari that offers you an optimum experience.

4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 550 –  USD 870 USD 800 – USD 1,200 USD 1000 – USD 1500 USD 1,450 USD 2350

Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?


Average Tanzania safari cost – How much does a safari in Tanzania cost

So how much does a safari in Tanzania cost?  On average, a Tanzania safari costs $ 680 USD per person per day. The Budget Tanzania safari price is: $ 680 per person per day
Midrange Price: is from $ 1200 USD per person per day. Tanzania Luxury Safari Price is: from $ 1850 USD per person per day.

Tanzania safaris tend to be expensive due to the high park fees, luxury accommodations, and expensive safari activities. Compared to a Kenya safari, a Tanzania Safari is more expensive and attracts a lot of luxury exclusive holidays in Africa.

4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 680 –  USD 1200 USD 950 – USD 1400 USD 1200 – USD 1900 USD 1,850 USD 2950

Is Tanzania cheaper than Kenya?

Well, Kenya is an affordable safari destination in Africa. Having the most affordable and budget camps and lodges, cheaper park fees, and reserve fees, safaris in Kenya tend to be cheaper and more affordable compared to a Tanzania Holiday.

A Tanzania Safari will involve expensive fees such as park fees and concession fees, luxury accommodations that pay expensive fees to the government, well and some expensive safari activities such as balloon safaris.

Overall, both destinations offer almost the same kind of experiences but are offered in different manners. Tanzania is more of an exclusive safari destination and Kenya is more of an affordable safari destination for guests. So, Is Tanzania cheaper than Kenya? Yes, Tanzania is more expensive than Kenya.

Looking for a Custom Safari Holiday? Get in touch with us now to start planning.

Cheetah Safaris has fantastic, experienced safari experts available and prepared to assist you in creating a once-in-a-lifetime beach holiday experience. Fill in Our Contact Form with the details you want or send us a WhatsApp text to reach us at +254780337652.

Pack For a Purpose

Cheetah Safaris is a serious advocate of sustainable safari practices in Africa. As part of our efforts and initiative, we engage and support schools and children who need knowledge to better their lives. The best gift a child can be given is education, skills, and creativity. 

In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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How Much Does an African Safari Cost in 2024?
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