Best Fly – in (Flying Safaris) Safaris in Tanzania

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Apart from the normal road safari experiences, cruising along the major parks, towns, and cities, a flying safari is opted for when one needs exclusivity, luxury, and visiting long-distance destinations and parks.

With vast and wide National Parks in Tanzania, It is always advisable to have many days to explore these huge and massive destinations. If you opt for few days, it’s highly advisable to fly in order to maximize the exploration and game drives with no fatigue and stress.

In this article, we will feature some of our best flying safaris and destinations in Tanzania. With Safaris starting from Zanzibar and Arusha, heading to Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ruaha to just mention a few of our mapped safari destinations within our Itineraries.

Best Safari Destinations in Tanzania

With its massive occupation of landmass, Tanzania has some of the largest parks and reserves in Africa. See below some of our recommended parks, reserves, and conservation areas to visit while planning a Safari to Tanzania.

  1. Serengeti National Park:- It’s one of the prime parks in Tanzania. Known for its incredible and dramatic scenes of the wildebeest migration, Wildebeest Crossings, and Wildebeest Calving. It is home to the big five, big cats, and numerous bird species.Read more of the Wildebeest Migrations, Calving, and Crossings here.
  2. Ruaha National Park:- It hosts huge herds of Elephants, and a huge number of Wild Dog packs, Big cats such as lions and leopards. With its well-distributed baobab trees, the park looks so amazing and so wild.Check out Safaris to Ruaha National Park
  3. Ngorongoro Conservation Area:- Its the largest caldera in the world with a span radius of 18km. It’s home to the big cats and some of the big five and rare rhino species. Also, the best place to learn and understand human evolution at the Olduvai Gorge. Check out Safaris to Ngorongoro here

There are many other safari parks in Tanzania including Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks that offer exceptional safari experiences. To explore more parks in Tanzania, please visit our National Parks in East Africa Page here.

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Best Flying Safaris in Tanzania

After getting a brief to some of the best destinations in Tanzania, our experts are always working towards offering you an incredible safari experience. We have listed below some of the well-sorted flying safari experiences in Tanzania.

  1. 4 Days Flying Safaris from Zanzibar to Ruaha National Park:- After a few or long days at the beach, a wildlife safari to Ruaha National Park can complete your desires and urge of an African Holiday.Read More about it here:- 4 Days Ruaha National Park flying safari
  2. 3 Days Flying Safari from Arusha to Serengeti:- A short but interesting safari to either central, south, or north of Serengeti, to witness the big five, wildebeest migration and crossings.Read More about it here:- 3 Days Arusha to Serengeti Flying Safari
  3. Flying Safaris from Zanzibar to Serengeti N. Park:- You canbook this safari and fly straight from Zanzibar and land in the Serengeti. Best for guests looking to extend their safari experiences and mix it up with a beach holiday.Read More about it here:- 3 Days Safaris from Zanzibar to Serengeti.
  4. 12 Days Road and Flying safari in Tanzania (Serengeti and Ruaha N. Parks):- After a beautiful and exciting safari from Serengeti South, witnessing the wildebeest calving season, it will be time to fly down to Ruaha and get some Wild Dog instances.Read More about it here:- 12 days Wildebeest Calving and Ruaha Wilderness Safari

There are more safaris with flying options visiting the major parks of Tanzania. You visit our safari adventures page here and explore more options you can pick that suits you perfectly. If none is found, our experts are always ready 24/7 to help you curate and craft a safari adventure for you exclusively.

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Cheetah Safaris is a serious advocate of sustainable safari practices in Africa. As part of our efforts and initiative, we engage and support schools and children who need knowledge to better their lives. The best gift a child can be given is education, skills, and creativity. 

In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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Best Fly – in (Flying Safaris) Safaris in Tanzania
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