Giraffe Manor in Kenya – Cost and How to Get There

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Giraffe Manor in Kenya
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All About Giraffe Manor in Kenya, Understand the Cost and How to Get There

Giraffe Manor in Kenya is an exclusive boutique hotel in Nairobi Kenya. One of the world’s most unique places to stay, Giraffe Manor blends extraordinary wildlife encounters with exquisite hospitality and a long-term commitment to giraffe conservation.

Built-in 1932, Giraffe Manor in Kenya is the oldest of The Safari Collection’s properties and was modeled on a Scottish hunting lodge. The elegant long-legged giraffes have roamed its lawns since the 1970s when Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville first adopted an orphaned Rothschild’s giraffe called Daisy.

Giraffe Manor is probably the only place in the world where you can feed and photograph the giraffe over your breakfast table, at the front door, and even from a bedroom window.

It is always in demand for guests looking to visit Kenya for a Luxury Safari in Kenya. It’s one of the most popular places you would want to stay for a safari experience. It is commonly used by our guests going on a helicopter tour in Northern Kenya, or the Masai Mara for the Wildebeest Migration.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya
Guests Feeding Giraffes in Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Is Giraffe Manor worth it? The stay is worth it for the giraffes.

We appreciated seeing photos and news stories framed on the wall, telling the Manor’s story. However, the highlight of the trip was interacting with giraffes so closely. It was magical to feed giraffes from my balcony in the morning or pet them after mealtime.

A certain amount of the money you pay for a stay at Giraffe Manor goes into Giraffe Conservation projects and the protection of the endangered Rothschild Giraffes. These giraffes are only in Giraffe Manor, Ruma National Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park.

Also not forgetting the stay, it’s amazing, the staff, the environment, and even the way they just presented themselves so exceptional. Giraffe Manor is so worth it to visit and stay, since after all, your stay impacts giraffes and also helps you understand the efforts put into giraffe conservation.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya
Family Stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Giraffe Manor Accommodation and available rooms

Giraffe Manor has only 12 rooms, each of which is described in detail with an accompanying floor plan on The Safari Collection’s website. Giraffe Manor Rooms were designed back in 1970s, with that rustic feeling and touch.

At Giraffe Manor there are

  1. 2 Superior Suites (Karen Blixen & Finch Hatton)
  2. 8 Superior Rooms (Betty, Daisy, Jock, Helen, Kelly, Arlene, Edd & Salma) and
  3. 2 Standard Rooms (Lynn & Marlon). I

In the Main Manor, there are:

  1. 1 Superior Suite (Karen Blixen)
  2. 3 Superior Rooms (Betty, Jock & Daisy)
  3. 2 Standard Rooms (Lynn & Marlon).

In the Garden Manor, there is

  1. 1 Superior Suite (Finch Hatton)
  2. 5 Superior Rooms (Helen, Kelly, Arlene, Edd & Salma).

The Garden Manor can only be booked when combined with another one of the Manor properties.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya
Giraffe Manor Outside Dining Set up

Is Giraffe Manor in Kenya open to the public?

Due to the small and intimate nature of the property, as well as Giraffe Manor’s commitment to ensuring guests enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed experience, they are unable to offer tours of Giraffe Manor. This is to offer guests staying here the value for their money, and value to stay.

Fortunately, for those who are unable to stay at Giraffe Manor, there is an option to interact with the giraffes at the nearby Giraffe Centre where guests can feed and photograph the same endangered Rothschild’s giraffes. It is open to the public daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

How far in advance do you need to book Giraffe Manor?

Busy times of the year (June – October and Christmas/New Year) are typically booked a long time in advance. If you are looking to book during these months, it might be hard to get availability. In case you want to book, you will need to confirm availability two years in advance or more.

As Giraffe Manor is in so much demand, we recommend booking at least 12 months or even 18 months in advance – and if vacation dates are fixed with no flexibility, two years seems a reasonable time for a booking.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya
Full View of Giraffe Manor in Kenya from Top

The Best time to visit Giraffe Manor Kenya

The best time to visit and book Giraffe Manor is during the Summer days. That is during the hot months, between July and October. The days are warm and nights are cold in Nairobi Kenya.

Between March to May and mid-October to December are rainy seasons in Nairobi. Therefore, Nairobi in June, July, and August is perfect for a holiday stay at Giraffe Manor with temperatures dipping as low as 35˚F / 2˚C.

How safe is Nairobi for tourists visiting Giraffe Manor?

Nairobi Kenya is very safe for guests visiting Giraffe Manor. Guests visit Nairobi daily for city tours and excursions. The city is guaranteed safety due to the high presence of security personnel around it. Guests staying at Giraffe Manor are guaranteed of safe stay and privacy as well.

How to Get to Giraffe Manor from Airport

The distance from Nairobi Airport to Giraffe Manor is about 20 km. By airport taxi, you can expect an average time of 30 minutes to complete the trip, depending on traffic.

The fastest way to get from Nairobi Airport (NBO) to Giraffe Manor is by Private Transfer which takes 30 min to 60 and costs $45 – $60. How far is it from Nairobi Airport (NBO) to Giraffe Manor? The distance between Nairobi Airport (NBO) and Giraffe Manor is 20 km. The road distance is 20 km.

Giraffe Manor is a 25-minute drive to Wilson Airport, where you can catch flights to Masai Mara or Amboseli or maybe fly to Northern Kenya for an excursion of a lifetime.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya
A Baby Giraffe in Giraffe Manor in Kenya

How much is a night at Giraffe Manor Kenya? Giraffe Manor Cost Per Night

Room rates start from US$ 1,168 per adult sharing and US$ 805 Per Child Sharing. Please review our rate sheet to see the different rates according to room type and number/age of guests. Our child rates apply from two to 11 years old. By 12 years of age, our guests are charged the adult rate.

How much does it cost to stay at Giraffe Manor? Below are the Giraffe Manor Kenya but are subject to availability, and change of rates. These are just guide rates, in case you would want to get exact rates, please contact us:-



Karen Blixen Suite

Minimum Room Rate (based on up to 2 adults & 2 children sharing) Fully Inclusive /

Day room

US$ 3,630
3rd Child Rate (3yrs to 11yrs inclusive) US$ 468

FAMILY SUITE Finch Hatton Suite

Minimum Room Rate (based on up to 2 adults & 2 children sharing) Fully Inclusive /

Day room

US$ 3,267
3rd Child Rate (3yrs to 11yrs inclusive) US$ 424


Jock, Betty, Daisy, Marlon, Lynn, Arlene, Kelly, Helen, Edd & Salma

Per Adult Sharing Fully Inclusive /

Day room

US$ 1,062
Per Child Sharing US$ 732
Single Room US$ 1,667


Professional Guide Room Per Person Per Night US$ 150

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Giraffe Manor in Kenya – Cost and How to Get There
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