Kenya Flying Safaris: Explore Kenya’s Wilderness from Above

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Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
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Kenya Flying Safaris. Kenya Skybound Safari: Explore Kenya’s Wilderness from Above

Experience the thrill of a skybound safari in Kenya! Prepare yourself to admire stunning landscapes and wildlife from the air while learning about conservation efforts in this unique, romantic, and unforgettable adventure with our Kenya Flying Safaris.

If an African safari in Kenya has a spot on your travel bucket list, but you would like to add an interesting twist to it, get ready to discover a whole new option: Flying safaris! Kenya’s wilderness is truly remarkable, offering a natural paradise not only for wildlife enthusiasts but for adventurers too.

It’s an experience that immerses you in the very soul of Africa’s natural beauty like no other. Now, while traditional game drives give you that close-up encounter with the savanna’s residents, a sky bound safari takes exploration to a whole new level—literally!

You get this amazing perspective from above that’s just breathtaking. So, in this article, let’s look into Kenya’s wilderness and explore the wonders of a sky bound safari, along with the incomparable experiences it offers.

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Kenya Flying Safaris: Explore Kenya’s Wilderness from Above

1. The Magic of Kenya Flying Safaris

Flying safaris, also known as aerial safaris, give you an incredible bird’s-eye view of Kenya’s diverse landscapes. You’ll see everything from vast savannas to dense forests and winding rivers. Whether you’re up in a small aircraft, drifting in a hot air balloon, or cruising in a helicopter, the experience is extraordinary.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second, let your device screen fade from your mind, and imagine you’re soaring high above, surrounded by panoramic views that stretch forever on the horizon.

It’s a real eye-opener to the sheer vastness and natural beauty of Kenya’s wild, raw beauty. From the moment the aircraft takes off, there’s this electric buzz of anticipation among passengers. Everyone’s just itching to see what’s waiting for them below.

And let me tell you, each moment in the air brings a new thrill as you get closer to encountering Kenya’s famous wildlife from a whole new angle. Every twist and turn reveals another sensational view, leaving you in complete amazement.

Flying safaris are more than just a ride, they’re an unforgettable adventure that lets you truly soak in the breathtaking beauty of Kenya’s landscape.

Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Flying Over Masai Mara in Kenya – Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

2. Unmatched Perspectives

One of the most captivating aspects of a sky-bound safari is the opportunity to see Kenya’s wildlife from a completely different perspective. From the air, herds of elephants move gracefully across the landscape, their silhouettes casting shadows on the golden plains below.

Giraffes roam the acacia-dotted savannas, their long necks stretching towards the treetops, while lions bask in the sun’s warmth, their golden coats shimmering in the light.

Each sighting is simply proof of the incredible diversity and abundance of wildlife that calls Kenya home.

Helicopter Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Helicopter Flying in Samburu – Our Helicopter Safaris in Kenya

3. Aerial Adventures Across Kenya

Kenya’s extensive wilderness areas provide endless opportunities for aerial exploration, with well-known destinations such as the Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, and the Great Rift Valley inviting travelers from all over the world to take to the skies.

A hot air balloon safari over the Maasai Mara at dawn is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list experience, offering amazing views of the sunrise and the large herds of wildebeest and zebras below.

Meanwhile, a helicopter safari offers the flexibility to explore remote and inaccessible areas, from snow-capped Mount Kenya to the turquoise waters of Lake Turkana. The sky is the limit!

You must research various price offers from trusted service providers and pick the perfect experience for your preferences.

Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Exclusive Experiences for Families on Safari in Kenya

4. Conservation from Above

In addition to offering beautiful and unique views of Kenya’s various animals and landscapes, sky-bound safaris play an essential role in conservation efforts nationwide.

Aerial surveys conducted by aircraft and helicopters provide valuable data on wildlife populations, habitat distribution, and poaching activities, helping conservationists and researchers monitor and protect Kenya’s precious natural resources.

So one thing you should know is that, by supporting responsible tourism initiatives and wildlife conservation projects, you and many other travelers can contribute to the preservation of Kenya’s wilderness for future generations.

Flying Conservation Experiences in Kenya
A Kenya Wildlife Service Controlling a Rhino in Kenya

5. The Romance of the Skies

Beyond the thrill of spotting wildlife and taking in Kenya’s stunning landscapes, there’s an undeniable sense of romance to a flying safari. If you are looking for something more than just pure awe of nature’s gifts to spice up your trip into the African sky, bring your partner and sprinkle some romance on your vacation.

Watching the sunset from an aircraft together with your loved one can be a unique and memorable experience in your life. Take to the skies together and feel the gentle hum of the aircraft, the cool breeze against your skin, and this overwhelming sense of freedom as you soar above the savanna.

It’s an experience that fills you with wonder and exhilaration, unlike anything else. Whether you’re flying high above the clouds or skimming low over the treetops, a sky bound safari is an adventure that sears itself into your memory forever.

The classic beauty of the scenery, combined with the rare perspective from the air, creates moments that stay with you long after you’ve landed.

There’s something magical about seeing the world from above, witnessing nature’s grandeur unfold beneath you. It’s an experience that transcends ordinary travel and leaves you feeling inspired and awestruck.

So, if you’re ever in Kenya, don’t miss the chance to go on a flying safari, it’s an opportunity you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

A sky-bound safari offers an exclusive and unforgettable way to explore Kenya’s wilderness, providing unmatched perspectives of the country’s emblematic landscapes and wildlife.

From the thrill of soaring above the savanna to the romance of the skies, this aerial adventure promises to be the experience of a lifetime for travelers seeking to lose themselves in the magic of Africa’s natural beauty.

So, strap in, take flight, and let your imagination soar as you jump on a flying safari through Kenya’s wilderness.

Solio Ranch Conservancy
Guests enjoying Game Drives in Solio Ranch Conservancy

Is it Safe to Visit Kenya for our Flying Safari Adventure?

Flying in Kenya is very safe and secure. We have some of the very best flying safaris that take guests to very remote and adventurous destinations such as Lake Logipi and Suguta Valley. These areas are hard to visit by road, hence we offer amazing helicopter tours to explore them.

Kenya is Safe to visit for any kind of safari or holiday for any visitor or tourist looking to explore this diverse country. With more than 54 National Parks and Reserves, there is so much you can discover, and experience while on an adventure in Kenya.

We have very experienced pilots and very well-maintained aircraft that guarantee of smooth flying experience. We have partnered with incredible aircraft operators and partners to offer exclusive flying safaris and charter safaris.

Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Guests Departing from Masai Mara

When is the best time to book a flying luxury safari in Kenya?

Flying Safaris in Africa can be booked any time of the year. Due to its low popularity, the experience is not commonly known by many, and the demand is currently increasing as people keep on understanding how it goes.

We recommend you book a flying safari experience between January and March, or September to October. These months are warm, dry, and with clear skies. Also, it offers you the best opportunities to take good aerial photos.

Our popular helicopter tours to Northern Kenya are always in high demand, we always recommend booking this safari as early as 6 months before the safari. This is to help us keep our partners in the loop of the bookings and securing the aircraft for your adventures.

Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Guest Leaving for another safari destination in Kenya

Can I book a Charter Flight for a Private Flying Safari in Kenya?

Yes, we offer affordable charter flights in Kenya. With groups of 2 to 50 people, we can accommodate any kind of group. Our Kenya Flying safaris can fit any kind of tailor-made for any private group looking to adventure exclusively.

We organize and book you charter flights that we know are the best for our safari guests visiting anywhere in Kenya. we have very experienced pilots who will ensure smooth flight transfers across destinations.

We offer charter flights to any destination in Kenya including but not limited to Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lewa Conservancy, Solio Ranch, Samburu, Meru National Parks and reserves.

Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Charter Flights in Kenya and Tanzania. Flying Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

What Should I Pack for my Kenya Skybound Flying Safari?

There is so much you can pack for your safari in Kenya. We have written a complete guide on what to pack for an African Safari. The most practical items to pack for your Kenya safari are:

  • Clothes in khaki, green, beige, and neutral colors
  • Long-sleeved shirts that offer protection from the sun and mosquitoes
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts or a light skirt
  • Jeans or safari trousers for evenings and cooler days
  • Jackets and sweaters for early morning and late afternoon game drives
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket in case of rain
  • Swim and beachwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent, moisturizer and lip salve
  • Binoculars and camera equipment

The luggage allowance on small flights is usually limited to a maximum of 15 kg (33 lbs), which includes hand luggage, so please bear this in mind when packing. Most lodges and camps provide a same-day laundry service for your clothes.

Flying Safaris - Kenya Flying Safaris - Flying Safaris in Tanzania - Cheetah Safaris
What You Should Pack for a Kenya Skybound Flying Safari

How much does a flying safari in Kenya Cost?

Our Kenya Flying Safaris are the most affordable considering we offer luxury experiences, in the most unexplored destinations, and others to very prime safari destinations such as Masai Mara and Serengeti, Lewa Conservancy, or Solio Conservancy.

Some private exclusive helicopter rides maybe from Nairobi Solio, or Samburu to Northern Kenya, all cost differently. While our Charter Safaris and Flying Safaris, completely depend on demand, season, and the number of guests on that trip.

Below are the costs of Kenya Flying Safaris that will guide you and help you plan accordingly. For a more precise quote, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Simple Flying Safari Cost in Kenya of minimum 3 nights

4-star comfort Per Person Sharing 5-star luxury Per Person Sharing
Low High Low High
From USD 2,575 From  USD 3,870 From USD 5,450 From USD 7,350

Helicopter Flying Safari Cost in Kenya of minimum 5 nights

4-star comfort Per Person Sharing 5-star luxury Per Person Sharing
Low High Low High
From USD 9,300 – USD 10,675 From USD 17,870 From USD 25,450 From USD 28,350

Start Planning Your Kenya Flying Safaris. Get In Touch With Us Now To Start Planning.

Cheetah Safaris has fantastic, experienced safari experts available and prepared to assist you in creating a once-in-a-lifetime beach holiday experience. Fill in Our Contact Form with the details you want or send us a WhatsApp text to reach us at +254780337652.

Pack For a Purpose

Cheetah Safaris is a serious advocate of sustainable safari practices in Africa. As part of our efforts and initiative, we engage and support schools and children who need knowledge to better their lives. The best gift a child can be given is education, skills, and creativity. 

In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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