Which is better for Safaris? Kenya or Tanzania?

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Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for Safaris – African Safaris?

Well, one of the hardest decisions to make if you are planning an East African Safari, is whether Kenya is better than Tanzania or vice versa. To answer you, Kenya and Tanzania have unique differences and unique attractions, experiences, and cultures.

Hence, it’s hard to determine whether Kenya or Tanzania is better for an African safari. We will go deep into discussing the different unique attractions and why each destination is unique differently.

Kenya and Tanzania are located in the Eastern part of Africa, all have Indian Ocean beaches and wildlife protected areas, or National Parks and Reserves.

Kenya and Tanzania share most of the common attractions, sightings, and wildlife you will spot. This includes the cultures, human evolution, the big cats, wildebeest migration, and similar wildlife species and bird species.

We have also stated some of the best reasons why you should book a combined Kenya and Tanzania Safari. This will guide you well to discover the benefits of combining both safari destinations for a complete African Safari experience.

Nairobi National Park - Kenya Safaris - Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for African Safari? Cheetah Safaris
Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for African Safari?

Why Travel to Kenya? Book a Kenyan Safari?

Why Kenya is Better with Safari Holidays

You may ask yourself self why travel to Kenya and not Tanzania? We have listed below some of the reasons why you should visit Kenya for your next safari holiday in Africa. There is so much that Kenya can offer to guests looking to enjoy a worthwhile affordable safari.

Kenya has won some impressive awards as the best safari country in Africa, offering affordable and luxury safari experiences. Kenya accommodates any kind of traveler, be it a solo traveler, a family tour, or a photographer, Kenya is suitable for anyone.

We offer amazing Kenya Safaris and Holidays that traverse some of the best award-winning safari destinations and parks in Kenya. From northern Kenya, desert experience, to the Coastal region for a beach vacation, to the Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara.

Luxury Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania - Luxury Safaris in Africa
Zebras in Serengeti – Guests on Game Drives in Tanzania

5 Reasons, why you should visit Kenya, include:-

There are so many reasons why you should visit Kenya. We have highlighted the best reasons why and tipped in some guides to help you plan your East African Safari with ease.

These reasons will help us know if it’s worth visiting Kenya or Tanzania for our African Safaris.

The Million of Wildebeest Migration and Crossings

Did you know that the Great Wildebeest Migration is known as the world’s 7th wonder? It’s true, this is because you will spot more than 1 million wildebeests migrating from Serengeti to Masai Mara every year.

Other wildebeest facts describe this spectacle better and make it even better when you visit Kenya’s Masai Mara to witness this.

Imagine seeing more than 1000 of them crossing the major crocodile-infested Mara River, jumping high river bank cliffs to just make it to the other end. It’s a spectacle not to miss at all, and we have amazing wildebeest safari itineraries that are best suited for your safari.

Best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro From Amboseli

Visit the Amboseli National Park and have the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro with giraffes and elephants. The views mesmerize you and take you deep into the magical places of Kenya.

Despite Mt. Kilimanjaro being in Tanzania, the best views are always in Kenya.

The backdrop of the mountain with the wildlife of Amboseli makes it unique and is the reason why you visit Kenya. The beauty portrayed here is more than what you can imagine.

Interact with the elephants and big cats of this premier park.

The National Parks in Kenya with Abundance in Wildlife Sightings; Big Cats of the Natgeo and BBC Wildlife

Kenya is known to have some of the best premium safari National Parks in Africa. Offering different safari experiences such as the special five in Samburu National Reserve and the Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara.

Visit Lake Nakuru National Park and enjoy a wide variety of bird species and as well Tsavo West and East National Parks for the Man eaters lions. Visit Meru National Park and learn the best way Gorge and Joy Adamson lived with lions.

Diverse Cultures and Lifestyles

Kenya has more than 40 communities and tribes that live together. From the coastal to the western part of Kenya, the diversity witnessed is huge and makes it interesting to learn and interact with different cultures and lifestyles.

Kenya is known for the Maasai community, that are still offering authentic cultural experiences to guests, they make the whole safari holiday a worthwhile experience.

Best Climate for a Beach Holiday on the Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan coast has won most of the most amazing beach awards in Africa. Diani Beach, one of the best award-winning African beaches, offers one-of-a-kind beach holiday vacations to our guests.

These beaches include others such as Watamu, Lamu, Chale, Malindi, and much more. Both Kenya and Tanzania offer the best climate for a beach holiday, and wildlife safaris in Africa and the world at large.


White Sandy Beaches in Kenya - Diani Beach - Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for African Safari? - Beach Safari
Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for African Safari?

5 Reasons, why you should visit Tanzania, include:-

Why Tanzania Better with Safari Holidays

We have seen the reasons why you visit Kenya, now let’s see why you should visit Tanzania for a complete safari experience. Before we know if Kenya or Tanzania for an East African Safari, we will look at some reasons to visit this country. Tanzania is a large country with plenty to offer just like Kenya.

Wildebeest Migration, Crossings and Calvings

Ever wondered why we say the wildebeest migration starts from the South Serengeti? Well, this is because we believe the life of a wildebeest starts here. Where more than 8000 wildebeest calves are born daily in Ndutu Conservation Area.

You will be lucky to witness more than 1.5 million wildebeests migrating not to Masai Mara in Kenya. Wildebeests spend more than 6 months in Serengeti, making it home to the wildebeests and zebras that migrate annually.

Summit the highest Mountain in Africa; Mt. Kilimanjaro

Summit is the highest point and mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro from Moshi Tanzania. The mountains offer amazing achievements of summiting it. It’s known to be the highest stand-alone mountain in the world.

You can summit this mountain with the many routes that are available to access it. We have some amazing Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking tours that you will be interested in.

Abundance in Wildlife Sightings And Wilderness

Well, Tanzania has a lot of wildlife species living freely in their protected areas. As we have stated above, one is the wildebeest migration sightings, a large pride of lions in Ruaha National Park, or large elephant herds in Tarangire National Park.

Visit the Ngorongoro crater for an epic adventure, sighting the black rhinos and spending time in the world’s largest crater. Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO heritage site that is well protected for wildlife conservation.

Diverse Cultures and Lifestyles

Tanzania is known to host one of the most authentic tribes and cultures. These are the famous Hadza or Hadzabe people living around Lake Eyasi, North of Tanzania. The Hadzabe people are hunters and gathers, dwelling in honey and bush meat.

There are also the Maasai People who live around the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti. They also give an authentic cultural experience to guests visiting Tanzania.

Best Climate for a Beach Holiday on the Zanzibar Coast

Zanzibar has won so many beach awards, making it one of the leading beach destinations in Africa and East Africa. Competing with Diani Beach, Zanzibar offers one of the best beach holidays in Africa.

Enjoy some spice tours in Stone Tone and historical tours to understand the formation and growth of Zanzibar Island. Both Kenya and Tanzania offer the best climate for a beach holiday, and wildlife safaris in Africa and the world at large.

Samburu women dancing - Samburu Safaris - Kenya Safaris - Cheetah Safaris
Kenya or Tanzania? Which is better for Safaris

So, Kenya Or Tanzania? Which of East Africa’s Best Safari Destinations Should You Visit?

Now we know the reasons why we should visit Kenya or Tanzania for our safaris and holidays in East Africa. But we still yet don’t have the answer to whether Kenya or Tanzania is better for Safaris.

Our best advice would be, to plan to visit both countries with a combined safari holiday that will give you a chance to discover the uniqueness of both countries. Some of these uniqueness include:-

  • You will visit the Hadzabe community in Tanzania with ease and have a pure and authentic culture that is different from the Maasai People.
  • You can only climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and you can only have the best views of the Mountain in Amboseli Kenya.
  • You can only spot the special five wildlife species in Kenya. These species include the Grevy zebras, Gerenuks, reticulated giraffes, Somali ostrich, and the beisa oryx.
  • They both experience the wildebeest migration and crossings but the wildebeests stay more in Tanzania. Wildebeest calving only happens in Tanzania, and mating happens in Masai Mara Kenya.
  • Kenya has the second-highest mountain, Mt. Kenya where people can summit and accomplish achievement.
  • You can visit Northern Kenya for a desert experience. The Chalbi Desert which is in Marsabit offers that authentic desert touch.

So whether you visit Kenya or Tanzania, you will have an amazing safari holiday. We advise you to plan for a Kenya and Tanzania Safari that is combined and you will enjoy each destination separately since they offer their magic differently.

Tanzania Safari Holidays are more expensive compared to Kenyan Safari Holidays. This is due to the luxury that Tanzania offers, fees from the government, and other factors.

A good example is the entry fee to Ngorongoro Crater, you will have to pay for the crater fees of USD 300 for the vehicle and still pay for your park fees and concession fees too.

You would wonder how much a Kenya or Tanzania Safari Costs. We have detailed African Safari Costs and prices in our article.

Below is a Guide to a Kenya and Tanzania Safari Cost

As much as Kenya and Tanzania offer authentic safaris, there are some distinctions in how the safaris cost. Below is a table showing a difference in both Kenya and Tanzania Safari rates.

All Inclusive African Safaris - All Inclusive Safaris
Guests on Sundowner in Masai Mara Kenya

Looking For A Kenya And Tanzania Safari Holiday? Get In Touch With Us Now To Start Planning.

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In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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Which is better for Safaris? Kenya or Tanzania?
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