How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost? 2023 Safari Guide

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How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost? Detailed Kenya Safari Cost Guide

As much as you would love to Safari in Kenya, there is a lot that is considered in planning a safari in Kenya and the cost implications to it are very important, actually, it’s the most fundamental factor that will determine if you will book a safari or not.

Well, let’s dive in and understand how much a safari in Kenya costs. The cost of a safari in Kenya involves a lot of factors such as the season of safari you are planning to do, the number of days, the number of guests going with you, the destinations you are visiting, and the transfers you will use either flight or by road.

All the above factors are very important and recommended to keep them in mind as they impact the entire experience of your safari. At Cheetah Safaris, we offer between mid-luxury to luxury safaris. Our Mid Luxury Safaris in Kenya are more affordable than luxury safaris since they are more expensive or high-end.

Kenya is known to offer both budget and luxury and the most expensive and high-end luxury safaris, and it fits all kinds of safari guests looking to safari here. You will run out of choices as you plan for a safari holiday in Kenya.

Kenya Safaris - Kenya Safari Holidays - African Safaris - Safari in Kenya Cost - Cheetah Safaris
Kenya Safaris – African Safaris – Safari in Kenya Cost – Walking Safaris – Bush Walk Tours – Cheetah Safaris

Top Factors Affecting a Safari in Kenya Cost

A Kenya Safari Cost is determined by so many factors, including some we have mentioned above, and also, such as places you will stay, activities you looking to do while on safari and so much more. In this article, we have detailed some of the factors that can affect a safari in Kenya cost.

  • Number of Safari Days

The number of days in Safari is a major factor and affects your entire safari budget. For example, we offer 3 days 2 nights Masai Mara safari that starts from Nairobi and costs approximately USD 700 per person for two guests. We also have a long haul safari that goes for 17 days, and we can customize even 30 days or more safari, which costs approx more than USD 18,000 Per Person Sharing for a Couple.

You can see the two above safaris are totally costing differently due to the number of days. The more the number of days the more the cost of your safari will be. A comfortable Kenya Safari will be between 7 days and 14 days stay. That’s most affordable and also engaging, filled with incredible safari experiences.

  • Number of Guests in the Safari

The number of persons on a safari affected the entire safari cost. Let’s start first with the number of people that our land cruisers can carry comfortably, it’s 4 pax, but the less the number in our land cruiser jeep, the higher the cost of a Kenya Safari it is. The more the number of guests, the cost lowers down. This is because the cost of transport is shared between the number of guests in the jeep.

If you are a bigger group of let’s say 18+ guests coming for a Kenya Safari, then it’s easy to lure and negotiate safari camps to give you discounted rates. Especially if you travel during the low seasons. See the best time to visit Kenya. Hence, the number of guests on a safari easily affects the entire Kenya Safari Cost.

  • Accommodations – Camps and Lodges Costs

A core factor that determines the cost of a Kenya Safari is where you will stay when you visit. These include city hotels, safari camps, and lodges. These safari accommodation options offer different rates per night, and they differ in standards. We have luxury camps, mid-luxury camps, budget camps, and even ground camping accommodations.

Standard safari accommodation can cost between USD 150 to USD 300 per night with meals on full board included. Luxury Safari accommodation starts from USD 550 per night and above. Luxury camps offer more activities and amenities compared to mid-luxury camps. These include things like guided game drives on shared Landcruiser jeeps.

There are also minute factors like single, twin, or double sharing or triple sharing accommodation settings that might be a factor to consider when planning your next safari in Kenya. The more you stay the more the cost of your safari.

Kenya Safaris - Flying Safaris - African Safaris Holidays - Amboseli Safaris - Cheetah Safaris
How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost? Detailed Kenya Safari Cost Guide
  • Safari activities included in your safari

While planning your next Kenya safari holiday, you would want it to be boring and just full of wildlife sightings only. There are so many safari activities to engage in while on your safari. We say, what makes your safari special is how you interact with the people. Hence it’s good to engage in various activities with different people to make it a memorable safari.

So, different safari activities are costed or charged differently. Some are free and some cost a bit, and some are expensive. These include activities such as Maasai Community visits, bush walks or walking safaris, conservation talks, horse riding, boat rides, mud baths, cycling, and many others.

Many of these activities are affordable and some are covered by safari accommodation rates or even your safari, but some are excluded since they are expensive. An example is a balloon Safari ride and or helicopter scenic tour. These are expensive activities and they are booked separately.

  • Seasons of the Year

Our safaris are dependable mostly on seasons of the year, due to wildlife sightings, the weather, and also the influx of our guests. Kenya has three Tourism seasons, these include the low season, the high season, and the peak season. In some cases, please say high season and peak seasons are the same, hence you might find the rates being the same or with minimal difference.

Most guests visit Kenya between July and August, which is the peak season, and also the best season for the wildebeest migration and crossings sightings. Some prefer to visit between January and March when its hot and wet, and it’s not flooded. January to March is known as the high season and best for big cats’ sightings safari.

Hence seasons matter alot when budgeting for your Kenya safari. They differ in rates and might affect your final budget, and recommended to consider when to travel when visiting Kenya. We will be glad to help you plan your next Kenya Safari Holiday.


Masai Mara National Reserve - African Safaris - Masai Mara Safaris Kenya Safaris - Best Time To Visit Kenya Masai Mara - How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost - Cheetah Safaris
How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost – Kenya Safari Cost Guide

So How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost?

Average Kenya Safari Cost – How Much Does A Safari In Kenya Cost?

Since we have now known the factors that can affect the total Kenya Safari Cost, we will now look at how much an average safari in Kenya costs. They depend and vary in seasons as we will break them down below as per the season.

Low-season Kenya safari packages in Kenya will cost between USD 675 to USD 1450 Per Person Sharing, while during peak season or high season Kenya safari packages costs will be between USD 870 to USD 2350, categorized on their luxury standards and activities included.


4-star comfort 4-star luxury 5-star luxury
Low High Low High Low High
USD 300 – USD 675 USD 550 –  USD 870 USD 800 – USD 1,200 USD 1000 – USD 1500 USD 1,450 USD 2350
Amboseli National Park Kenya Safaris - Kenya Safari Holidays - African Safaris - Cheetah Safaris
How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost? Detailed Kenya Safari Cost Guide

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How much does a Safari in Kenya Cost? 2023 Safari Guide
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