5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya

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Mount Kenya Peak - Mountain Trekking Adventures
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5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya. Highest Mountain in Kenya You Can Visit and Summit

This is a list of the top 5 highest mountains in Kenya. Kenya is home to over 20 mountains which are located in different parts of the country. The mountains range from high mountains to low-height mountains which offer perfect opportunities for hiking and sightseeing.

Apart from the well-known mountains that most people are familiar with, did you know that Kenya has over 20 different mountains? The mountains range from high mountains to low-height mountains, which offer an ideal opportunity for hiking and breathtaking scenery.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

Which are the tallest mountains in Kenya? Discover the Highest Mountains in Kenya. With Highest Peaks.

Let us know what is Kenya’s highest mountain with the highest peaks. See their altitudes, and how high they are, then later on below, we will understand tips and guides on trekking on to these mountains.

1. Mount Kenya 17,057 feet

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, with a height of 5,199 meters. The mountain is located within Mount Kenya National Park, a beautiful protected area in the country’s central region surrounded by incredible wildlife.

Mount Kenya contains three summits, the tallest of which is Batian (17,057 feet), followed by Nelion (17,021 feet), and Lenana (16,355 feet). Mount Kenya’s slopes are covered with forests, which serve as key water sources for major rivers like the Tana and Ewaso Nyiro. a person can climb Mount Kenya in 7 to 10 days with the help of competent guides.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Highest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

2. Mount Elgon: 14,177 feet

Mount Elgon is one of the highest mountains in Kenya and has the largest volcanic base in the world. Located on the Kenya-Uganda border, it is also estimated to be the oldest and largest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa at approximately 24 million years old.

Mt. Elgon rises more than 9,842 feet above the surrounding landscape and shelters a plethora of flora and fauna. Elgon is a popular mountain for trekkers, and because it is less crowded than Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, there is a much greater chance of spotting wildlife.

There are several waterfalls on the slopes, and hot springs to soak in inside the crater. Elephants and buffalo live on its lower slopes, as do antelope and monkeys including the Black-and-white Colobus and Blue Monkey.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Highest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

3. Mount Satima in Aberdares 13,127 feet

Mount Satima has an elevation of 4,001 m, which is the highest elevation among the Aberdare mountain ranges. The mountain serves as Ndakaini Dam’s major water catchment area. Ndakaini Dam is actually the main source of water for millions of Nairobi residents.

Its name Satima comes from the Masai words Oldoinyo Lesatima, which means ‘mountain of the bull calf.’ The mountain has a Rainforest which gives way to the bamboo forest, which subsequently gives way to Moorland. Mt. Satima is a rocky bluff with tussock grass growing on it. It also serves as a water catchment area for the Ndakaini and Sasumua Dams, two of Nairobi’s key water sources.

Mt. Satima is among the tallest mountains in Kenya, ranking at number 3 of the highest mountains in Kenya.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Highest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

4. Mount Kinangop – 8200 feet

Mount Kinangop is the fourth highest mountain in Kenya located in Kinangop, Nyandarua County. It is one of the significant influencers of the weather conditions around the region with the leeward side facing the central Nyandarua and its environs.

Due to its strategic location in the county, the area is characterized by cold weather conditions and throughout the year rainy seasons. Mount Kinangop is situated within the Aberdare National Park, home to lions, antelopes, buffalos, gazelles, hyenas, and leopards, among other types of birds and wildlife.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Highest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

5. Mount Longonot – 9,108 feet

Located in Nakuru County, Mount Longonot is one of the most iconic mountains in the country, given its structure and design. It attracts many tourists both locally and internationally, who marvel at the wonders exhibited by the mountain’s volcanic effect.

The vents and holes at the top of the mountain are characteristic features that attract researchers from all spheres who are keenly interested in the volcanic formations and their effects. It also attracts academic institutions comprising both high schools and colleges who visit the mountain for their research and studies.

5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya - Best Safari Guide
5 Highest Mountains in Kenya – Best Safari Guide

What you Need to Know about Trekking on these Kenyan Mountains

There are a few things you need to know about trekking mountains in Kenya. Some of them include preparing for the hikes. These are exercises and practices you do to make your body adapt to high altitudes.

Another item is knowing what to pack for your trekking expedition in the Kenyan Mountains. It’s not an easy exercise, and packing is very important and crucial, especially on what you need to carry.

Below is a list guide of what you need to pack for your Trekking expeditions on mountains in Kenya such as Mount Kenya, or even Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


  • Thermals: 2 x thermal base layers to keep you warm (long Johns and vests made of moisture-wicking fabric)
  • T-shirts: 2 × long/short sleeve shirts (made of quick-dry and breathable material like polyester fabric)
  • Fleece Jacket: 1 x lightweight and warm fleece jacket or hoodie (a puffer jacket is recommended)
  • Fleece Pants: A pair of light and warm fleece pants is necessary for cold nights
  • Underwear: 6 × underwear (moisture-wicking fabric)
  • Hiking Pants: 2 x quick-dry hiking pants, preferably made of breathable material
  • Jackets: 1 x windproof jacket (consider one that’s also waterproof)
  • Balaclava: A pair of windproof balaclavas or hiking buffs to protect your face from wind and frostbite
  • Hats: 1 x brimmed wool hat that covers ears and a shade hat with a visor
  • Gloves: 2 × woolen or mitten gloves (warm, thin, and windproof)
  • Footwear: Comfortable hiking boots (waterproof, warm, and broken-in), sandals, and leg gaiters
  • Socks: 4 × pairs of thick woolen hiking socks and a pair of thin fleece-lined socks
  • Rain Gear: 1 x lightweight and waterproof rain poncho


  • Rucksack: 65L-80L porters bag that fits all your items
  • Day Backpack: 35L-45L for carrying personal items and snacks during the day
  • Sleeping Bag: A warm sleeping bag (with a subzero temperature rating)
  • Water Bottles: 2 × reusable water bottles
  • Water Bladder: 1 × water bladder (at least 2L)
  • Sunglasses: A pair with UV protection
  • Poles: 2 x collapsible trekking poles
  • Lighting: 1 x headlamp or torch with extra batteries
  • Disposal: A few plastic zip-lock bags to carry trash and keep dirty clothes in
  • Gizmo: A camera and a good pair of binoculars

First Aid & Toiletries

  • Cloth: Facecloth, small towel, and wet wipes
  • Toiletries: Toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, bath soap, or shower gel
  • Energy Snacks: Nuts, digestive biscuits, lunch bars, dates, raisins, and other high-energy snacks
  • First Aid Kit: Painkillers, antiseptic, small bandages, band-aids, cotton wool, small scissors, and blister pads
  • Safety: Whistle, matchbox, duct tape, and a Swiss army knife
  • Sunblock: Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
  • Medication: Pack prescribed medication and also some anti-malaria tablets and deet-free insect spray


  • Photocopies of your identification documents
  • Details of your insurance policy
  • Cash (for snacks and tips)
Mount Kenya Peak - Mountain Trekking Adventures
Tallest Mountains in Kenya. Highest Mountain in Kenya You Can Visit

Here are Tips for Climbing Mountains in Kenya, These are Expert Guides

If you’re considering tackling Mountains in Kenya, here are a few useful tips:

Prepare: Make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared for the climb

Prep hikes: Prep hikes go a long way in getting you ready for the Mount Kenya challenge

Clothing and gear: Make sure you have the right clothes and gear. For technical peaks like Batian and Nelion, carry the necessary rock climbing equipment

Pack light: Make sure you carry lightweight gear and hiking essentials

Climbing route: It’s important to choose your climbing route carefully. If you’re a beginner, Naro Moru, Chogoria, and Sirimon are the best options

Mount Kenya guides: Make sure you pick a highly qualified team to guide you up Mount Kenya

Food and snacks: Having nutritious foods and supplements is important to staying healthy and maintaining a strong immune system throughout the climb

Pole, pole (slowly): Make sure you take your time and hike at your own pace. Occasional hydration breaks and short rests are essential for a successful and safe climb

Mount Kenya Peak - Mountain Trekking Adventures
Guest Climbing Mount Kenya – Here are Tips for Climbing Mountains in Kenya

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5 Tallest Mountains in Kenya
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