5 Best Safari Destinations For Kids (Family Safaris) in Africa

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Our African Family Safaris are well crafted to suit and fit Children and Adults while on Safari. We know getting the perfect destinations to take your family and kids for a vacation is a bit hectic, our experts have compiled 5 best destinations, parks, reserves, conservatives which are suitable for family visits.

Included in our list include destinations such as Kenya Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe and Botswana. Our Selected Destinations have selected Lodges where you can stay while on safari. They are perfect for kids, safety is well prioritized.

1. Tanzania

The Unforgettable Tanzania is one among many African Destinations that offer the best Children and Kids Holidays. Tanzania is Ideal for family safaris with Kids due to its unique attractions, endless experiences such as culture and wildlife.

Below we have highlighted some of the best Destinations in Tanzania to Consider for a Family and Kids Friendly Holiday Safari
  • Serengeti National Park:- Best for Wildebeest Migration and Big Cat Sightings. Its the largest park in Northern Tanzania. Best with lions and other wildlife species such as elephants.
  • Tarangire National Park:- Best for Elephant and Big Cats Sightings such as lions, leopards, cheetahs. Its also well populated with a variety of other wildlife species.
  • Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area:– Learn about human evolution at Olduvai Gorge, witness some conservation efforts done to protect Rhinos and Elephants.
  • Ruaha National Reserve:- Best of wilderness parks in Tanzania. Has its pure touch for big cats, elephants, wild dogs, and many other wildlife species.

2. Kenya

An Award-winning destination, Kenya host some of the best world prime spots that your family including your children will enjoy an undisturbed holiday.

Below we have highlighted some of the best Destinations in Kenya to Consider for a Family and Kids Friendly Holiday Safari

Some of the best places to visit in Kenya for a Family – Kids Safaris includes:-

  • Masai Mara National Reserve:- Known best for Wildebeest Migration and Big Cats such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, and many bird species. Beautiful views and close Masai Cultural experiences are available.
  • Samburu National Reserve:- Home to the Special Five wildlife species. Also a chance to spend time with the Samburu people and learn more about their culture.
  • Lewa Borana and Loisaba Conservancies:- Under one ecosystem, with endless beautiful views and unspoiled wilderness, awaits your family visit. Ride camels and enjoy beautiful cultural Samburu practices.
  • Amboseli National Park:- Called the home of the Jumbos, and the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro are seen from here. Wake up to those amazing views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and wildlife.

3. Zambia

Known for virgin Wild, Zambia exposes you to the real wild adventures. Exploring the South Luangwa, Kafue and Livingstone will complete your family safari adventure thirst. Known for best Victoria falls excursion, Sunset River Cruisers, and Mokoro Canoe Rides.

Below we have highlighted some of the best Destinations in Zambia to Consider for a Family and Kids Friendly Holiday Safari
  • Kafue National Park:- Ist the oldest National Park in Zambia, and being the largest, with a size of more than 22,000 KM2, its best for family safaris. Spotting wild dogs and elephants.
  • Mosi Oa Tunya National Park:– It’s home to the famous Victoria Falls, also known as Mosi Oa Tunya. Meaning water with smoke or vapor. Suitable for kids excursion, though not to engage in activities, but just to see its beauty from designated point.
  • Lower Zambezi National Park:- Borders Zimbabwe and has the best scenic views, wildlife sightings, and pure wilderness. Best to explore as a family with kids too.
  • South Luangwa National Park:- It’s Known to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa. Best for Family Safari to spot and sight wildlife.

4. Zimbabwe

Home to the best of Wild dogs sightings, elephants, and Canoe rides, Zimbabwe has the best to offer as a family holiday. Visiting parks as mana pools National park that borders Zambia and shares the same ecosystem with Lower Zambezi, Hangwe National Park, and many others as below

Below we have highlighted some of the best Destinations in Zimbabwe to Consider for a Family and Kids Friendly Holiday Safari
  • Mana Pools National Park:- A Paradise of Elephants, Mana pools is one of the loved National Parks in Zimbabwe. Best park to spot wild dogs, lions, and other wildlife species and big cats. Best for a family vacation.
  • Hangwe National Park:- Well know to be home to the Big Five species. Making your kids’ dreams come true by spotting the big five with be the best ideal safari holiday for them.
  • Matobo National Park:- Matobo is also an Intensive Protection Zone for endangered black and white rhinoceros. The park offers a diverse package of tourist attractions and activities and is well known for its unique balancing rock features with the popular “mother and child” balancing rocks.
  • Matusadona National Park:- The park is well populated and Best for lion sightings and other wildlife species. Kids would love to see and learn more about the dominating cats, Lions.
  • Gonarezhou National Park:- Termed as the Njumbos playground, or Jumbos home, its the best park to spot the big elephants of Zimbabwe

5. Botswana

Walk and interact with wild elephants, but again enjoy a canoe ride in the larger water bodies of the Okavango Delta. Explore some of the biggest parks in Botswana such as the Nxai Pans and Makgadikgadi National Park.

Below we have highlighted some of the best Destinations in Botswana to Consider for a Family and Kids Friendly Holiday Safari
  • Nxai Pans and Makgadikgadi National Park:- These were once lakes in the ancient times, covered with acacia trees, Glassland and Baobab trees. Best place to spot Wildebeest and zebra migration. Suitable destination for seeing wildlife hunting. A lot of big cats are sighted here.
  • Chobe National Park:- Land of the Jumbos in Botswana. It’s highly populated by Elephants. The population is believed to be more than 50,000 elephants.
  • Okavango Delta & Moremi:- Okavango Delta gets flooded by rains in the highland of Angola which form a mosaic of channels, lagoons, and lakes. Waterways, grasslands, and woodlands support a great diversity of fauna and flora.

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In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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5 Best Safari Destinations For Kids (Family Safaris) in Africa
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