5 Reasons To Take A Safari Post COVID 19 (Corona Virus)

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The COVID 19 Pandemic has got all of us off guard in our normal routines. And in sudden happenings, the world stopped and we all got stuck or locked down in our cities and town.

The lockdown being the abnormal conditions we never had, we felt locked down and can’t do a thing to refresh our selves.

That’s why we are recommending a proper African Safari that will give you a new beginning after the rough and tough few or many months of lockdown.

Some of the reasons why you should do a Post COVID Safaris are:-

  1. Best Offers Available:- Its the best time to take advantage of the current offers available for your 2021safaris. This will guarantee you an amazing experience at an affordable safari rate. A lot of Safari accommodation are running offers, as well as us here at Cheetah Safaris, we have amazing safari offers for your 2021 safari holiday.
  2. Exclusive Safaris:- Since there are a lot of safari protocols and how to run safaris, it will be the best opportunity to take advantage to have an exclusive personal & private safari. Either with family, or couple or solo travel, this option ensures you are safe and secure. With a dedicated safari guide, all safari WHO protocols are 99% followed to the latter. Hence the best option to take now and enjoy exclusive safaris and destinations.
  3. Conservation Purposes:- All African Safari Destinations depend mostly on safari guests who visit to support and provide financial support to improve wildlife and human conservation efforts. The park entrance fees, the lodges you stay at, and the wildlife you spot while on safari, all depend on Safari guests. This will be an effort you have supported soas to conserve and protect African wildlife and heritage. We at Cheetah Safaris, offer amazing Conservation Safaris that even give you a chance to interact, learn and create amazing experiences.
  4. Help Sustain Tourism:- With Abadance in guest visits to Any African Destination, they provide sustainable means to survive and grow their livelihoods. Tourism employs million of Africans who in return get food, shelter and clothing. With your single visit, more than 20 people depend on it. Our Projects supports hundredsof communities in some of our major Parks in Kenya. Check here
  5. Wildlife are in Abundance:- Since lockdown was enforced, wildlife population as increased, and giving you a better chance to spot wildlife and endless views with no human interactions.

Best African Wildlife Safaris to book in 2021

Wehave amazing safaris that we recommend you book for your 2021 wildlife safari to Africa.

  1. 10 Days Kenya and Tanzania Safari:-Best for wildebeest and big cats sightings in Kenya and Tanzania. Visiting major parks such as Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks.
  2. 10 Days Honeymoon or couple safari to Zambia and Zimbabwe:- A honeymoon expedition to Zambia and Zimbabwe. Spending in some luxury private accommodation. Best safari for big five and big cats.
  3. 12 Days Pumba Safari in Kenya:- Best of the safaris in Kenya, visiting major parks in Kenya such as Amboseli, Samburu, Masai Mara, and Lake Nakuru.
  4. 9 Days Conservation Safari:- In support of wildlife and human conservation, we plan such safaris to expose you to the efforts put in place to protect wildlife and human conflicts. Visiting the best places in Kenya where elephants are taken care of. Visit the samburu community and learn culture and create best memorable experiences.
  5. 8 Days Sky Safari:- Fly over kenya and visit the major parks in Kenya such as the Adamson Paradise, Meru National Park, Masai Mara, and Lewa Conservancy.

Pick Your Ideal African Eco-Friendly Safari Experience

Need a more detailed update about Safaris operations in Kenya Tanzania Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana or If you require any more information on a safari day trip or would like to enquire about exploring any of the legendary parks on a long haul safari, then don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Call us today on +254020250616  / Whatsapp +254 (0)780 337 652 or contact us online!

Pack For a Purpose

Cheetah Safaris is a serious advocate of sustainable safari practices in Africa. As part of our efforts and initiative, we engage and support schools and children who need knowledge to better their lives. The best gift a child can be given is education, skills, and creativity. 

In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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5 Reasons To Take A Safari Post COVID 19 (Corona Virus)
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