Top 5 Best African Safari Experiences – Activities On Safaris

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Planning an African Safari Holiday? Well, it’s not all about wildlife and the beautiful spanning views, there’s much more that could keep you glued in Africa. There are so many Safari activities in Africa that one can engage in as an addon to their wildlife safari holiday. Let’s look at which are the best safari activities one can have while on safari in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. But before that, what ensures you have an amazing safari experience? Well, we have listed below 3 tips to ensure you have done to make your holiday a worthy cause.

3 Tips to consider doing before visiting Africa

  • Plan on where you want to visit, eg Kenya Tanzania Uganda, or any other countries in Africa. This will be easier to organize your safari and to get the best safari company to help you curate your holiday. Also ensure you know your preferences, such as wildebeest migration safaris or whether planning to bring your family and relatives on holiday, then our family safari holidays will fit in perfectly well.
  • Get in touch with a safari company to start planning your holiday. One of the best ideas to start with is to work with a ground safari company that has knowledge of destinations you would love to visit. They are the best to advise on where, when and what are the best activities you can add to your holiday. We at Cheetah Safaris, have experts that are knowledgeable on the ground and offer you the best ideas to plan.
  • Book and Pay for your holiday as early as possible. This gives ample time to your safari company to organize, and plan your safari accordingly. This will also help you to make arrangements in no hurry and give you room to change anything that you would love to change.

Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?


Top 5 Best African Safari Experiences For Adventurous Travelers

We will now look at the best top 5 safari activities and experiences that will spice up your holiday in Kenya and Tanzania.

  1. Balloon Safaris:- Fly over the plains of Serengeti and Masai Mara and view wildlife from the skies on a balloon ride. After an hour ride, you are invited for a full champagne breakfast in the midst of the wild, admiring the vast beautiful savannah grasslands. Balloon Safaris are mostly flown very early in the morning, from 5 am, but pick-ups depend on where your camp is located. With us, we can plan to organize your balloon rides and recommend the best safari camps that are close to offering you this lifetime experience.

    Balloon flying Safaris in Kenya
    Balloon flying Safaris in Kenya
  2. Game / Nature Walks- an amazing way to interact with the flora and fauna of the African world, is by having these game walks. You get to feel and touch the real bush experiences, learn a few sightings and identify different spots of wildlife. You get to learn the importance of certain shrubs to the ecosystems, different wildlife species behavior, and to some extend spot wildlife at close range. Guided by a professional safari guide and nature expert, you will for sure learn a lot adding to your experiences.
    Game Walks in Tanzania - Cheetah Safaris
    Game Walks in Tanzania – Cheetah Safaris


  3. Maasai Village / Community Visits:- Interact with the local Maasai warriors of Masai Mara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Samburu, and many other amazing destinations. Get to learn the different cultures and lifestyles of these amazing tribes that live close to the protected area. Their story of how they interact and live with wildlife is just amazing. Enjoy the beautiful Maasai dances and jumps, see how they stay with their cattle and how they live together as a community.

    Guests Enjoy Maasai Dances in Masai Mara
    Guests Enjoy Maasai Dances in Masai Mara
  4. Sundowners / Bush Dinners / Bush Breakfasts:- Another incredible experience that will blow your mind away is dining by the bush. Take a sip of your best wine, whiskey, or soft drink as you enjoy the sunsets down in the African Horizons. You can have a taste of wild as you enjoy your breakfast as the sun rises from the eastern skies. Dine under the night skies of Africa, enjoy lights from the twinkling stars that brights your space as you dine within the bushes of Africa.

    Sundonwer in Masai Mara With bonfire
    Sundowner in Masai Mara With bonfire
  5. Fly Camping / Mobile Camping in Africa:- Spend nights away in the open plains and bushes of Kenya and Tanzania. Fly camping includes small canvas tents, open dining, and enjoying of bucket showers. Sleep in the middle of the wild, feel the closeness and thrill of being away from normal life and interact with the wildlife and nature at close range. Enjoy fine dining and campfires accompanied by Maasai Stories, Africa Stories or just recapping of the experiences you are having.
    Fly Camping in Naboisho Conservancy
    Fly Camping in Naboisho Conservancy



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Pack For a Purpose

Cheetah Safaris is a serious advocate of sustainable safari practices in Africa. As part of our efforts and initiative, we engage and support schools and children who need knowledge to better their lives. The best gift a child can be given is education, skills, and creativity. 

In this case, we request our guests booking with us, to bring an extra back of supplies. This can be in terms of books, sports materials, and any other items that would change the lives of these kids. 

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Top 5 Best African Safari Experiences – Activities On Safaris
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