Where to See and Spot Wild Dogs (Painted Wolves) In Africa

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The African Wild dog, also commonly known as the painted wolf, or in scientific terms, known as ‘lyacon pictus’ is one of the many interesting wildlife species to spot in Africa. They live in the major reserves and parks in East Africa and Southern Africa. They are categorized as among the endangered mammals species in the world.

Our Safari Experts have listed the best places you could spot the Wild dogs in Africa.

1. Ruaha National Park – Tanzania

Its one of the pristine national parks in Tanzania. With unique and endless unspoiled wilderness. Its home to the painted wolves, hosting close to 6600 in number.

Often known to be accessed through fly-in safaris, you are awaiting an indulgence of pure amazing experience. Covered by baobab trees, the park sits on a 55,000km2 land in Tanzania.

Check out our 3 days Safari to Ruaha, Also a 12 days combined Serengeti National Park and Ruaha National Park Safari.

2. Moremi Game Reserve – Botswana

Being part of the Larger Okavango Delta Ecosystem, Moremi Game Reserve hosts close to 5000 Wild Dogs. They face danger due to human-wildlife conflicts as well as diseases like rabis.

You Can Check some of our Botswana Safaris visiting the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve.

Our 10 days Botswana Zambia Safari

3. Samburu National Reserve and Laikipia – Lewa and Loisaba Conservancy – Kenya

A paradise of a kind, occupied with the best wildlife species such as the Special Five, (Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk, Somali Ostrich, Grevy Zebra). With sighting of Wild dogs, it completes your visit to these regions.

Some of the Safari Ideas we have to Samburu and Laikipia

  1. 3 days Samburu Safari
  2. 4 Days Fly-in Ultimate Safari
  3. 3 Days Lewa, Solio, Loisaba and Borana Fly-in Safari

4. South Luangwa National Park Zambia

The best time to Visit Luangwa National Park is between June and October, the best season for an amazing walking safari to spot wild dogs.

Check out some of our Zambian Safaris

5. Mana Pools National Park – Zimbabwe

Borders Zambia and shares the same ecosystem with South Luangwa National Park, Mana Pools in Zimbabwe exposes you to high opportunities to spot and interact with these beauties.

Check out our Zimbabwe Safaris

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Where to See and Spot Wild Dogs (Painted Wolves) In Africa
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