Marasbit National Park


Far to the north of Kenya, a densely forested mountain and three crater lakes provide a haven for a variety of birdlife, mammals and reptiles. The beautiful Marsabit National Park is a refuge for huge tusked bull elephants, diverse birdlife and reptiles. Hikes in the dense forest, wreathed in mist can
be enjoyed along with camel rides, bird watching and visits to the singing wells.

The Misty Montane Paradise

The vast wildlife includes everything, from elephants, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, zebra and baboon, to the unique East African animals, including greater/lesser Kudu, hyena and kirk’s dik-dik.

How to get there

When visiting Marsabit National Park, Cheetah Safari’s will provide you with your bespoke itinerary,
which will ensure you arrive at your destination on time. To familiarise yourself on the journey that
awaits you, we have supplied everything you need to know about the transport to the National Park.

  • Distance

560km north of Nairobi and 263 km north of Isiolo

  • Gates

There are two gates, Ahmed with an exit at Karare and Abdul to the park headquarters.

  • Roads

From Nairobi, the reserve is reached via Nanyuki and lsiolo, a distance of 570 km. The road is paved up to Merille, leaving a distance of 120 km off Murram road that is only motor-able by 4 wheel-drive vehicles during the dry season.

  • By Air and Airstrips

The reserve is 2 hours by air from Nairobi and is adequately served by a tarmac airstrip located about one kilometre from Marsabit town centre and 4km from the Park’s main gate.

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