Ruaha National Park


Located in the Southern Part of Tanzania, Ruaha National Park offers some of the unique authentic safari experiences. It’s home to some of the biggest and healthy herds of elephants in Tanzania.

Ruaha National Park is renowned for its excellent wildlife-sighting opportunities. Combined with the low numbers of visitors, this makes it a spectacular destination to enjoy your game drives privately, exclusively, and remotely.

The extensive Ruaha National Park is home to the big pride of Lions. It’s common to spot huge pride while on game drives. It’s the biggest lion conservation area with a 10% population of world lions. The leopards stalk through the thicker woodland areas, while cheetahs can be found scanning the plains for prey. The wild dogs are endangered, but Ruaha is home to almost 100 of them. There are healthy populations of hyenas and black-backed jackals too. 

Elephants are seen in high densities during the dry season when they gather around the dry riverbed to dig for water with their trunks and front feet. The park is also home to plentiful buffalo, zebra, giraffe, greater and lesser kudu, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck, and impala. There are more than 570 species of birds.

You can enjoy a cocktail of safari adventures in Ruaha National Park with an extension to a wildebeest migration safari in the famous and vast Serengeti National Park. A bush safari can be monotonous, hence calls for a beach holiday in Zanzibar or Mnemba Island.

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