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The Tsavo East National Park is home to the longest lava flows on the entire globe, the Yatta Plateau. Tsavo East is part of the largest protected area in Kenya due to its inhabitants which are made up of some of the most incredible species on the planet, including dust red elephants, buffalo, waterbucks and over five hundred species of bird.

Tsavo East National Park Facts

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The geography of Tsavo East is mostly flatlands, with the Galana River flowing through it, providing a watering hole for many of the National Park’s inhabitants, including the must see Big Five. Tsavo East is 13,747 sq.Km, making it one of the larger parks in East Africa. Make sure you bring your sun hat, as temperatures can get up to 31◦C during the day!

There is so much to see and do in Tsavo East National Park, whether you want to see crocodiles frolicking at Lugard’s Falls, or you want to visit the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary that helps protect and preserve the endangered black rhino. If you don’t have long in East Africa, then take advantage of our One Day Tip to Tsavo East.

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