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Helicopter Safari Tours in Kenya

Helicopter Safaris - Heli Tours in Kenya

Having your own wings gives you total freedom to explore Kenya’s wildest, most spectacular and extreme locations. Places inaccessible by land and untouched by humans are suddenly at your fingertips with our Helicopter Safaris and Tours in Kenya. Northern Kenya hosts some of East Africa’s most remote geographical wonders. Explore the amazing destination with our Well Curated Northern Kenya Helicopter Safaris.

Looking down on this vast wilderness from above offers an entirely new perspective. Just imagine flying over all these unexplroed landscape, you wouldnt want to miss. Enjoy instant access to remote locations, otherwise unavailable under time constraints. Hover over wildlife or touch down beside a turquoise pool for a refreshing swim. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity during your luxury Kenya safari holiday to see the wildest corners of the country.

Wake up to see the awe inspiring sunrise, framing the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya from your luxury room. Celebrate the new day with a dawn ride into the wilderness to view the animals as they awake. Feel the night’s chill burn off with the rising of the great equatorial sun while enjoying a bush breakfast. Keep the tempo of the world by the roll of the camel’s stride.

Within the Mathews Ranges Mountains lies the Namunyak Wildlife Conversation. This is home of the flamboyantly proud Samburu tribes people, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who have long shown tolerance for the wildlife that co-exists alongside their cattle.

Visit the only community owned and managed elephant sanctuary in the world and enjoy the sights of a wide variety of wildlife species such as buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, African wild dog, greater and lesser kudu, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, impala and Dik-dik.

Visit the less well known destinations in Kenya such as the Naboyutum Crater, Suguta Vally, or even rnjoy breakfast on Mt. Kenya or dinner on top of Mt. Ololokwe in Samburu

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Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya

Explore Suguta Valley By Helicopter

Explore the Sand Dunes of Suguta Valley With our Helicopter Tours

Revel in the beauty of Suguta Valley and Lake Logipi With our Helicopter Tours in Kenya

This is one of the most striking and unimaginably one of the hottest and driest places in equatorial Africa, located south of Lake Turkana and also known as the Suguta Mud Flats. It is inaccessible by road but accessible by air, and gives one of the most beautiful and unforgettable yet breathtaking desert sceneries. It’s one of the best photographers’ haven.

Explore this undeniably amazing destination in Kenya, with our Helicopter Safaris, discover the sand dunes, bath in the water pans, and enjoy cool views of this location. 

Explore the last frontier of untouched wilderness in Kenya, a truly extraordinary landscape of alkaline lakes with flamingo, active volcanoes, deserts and mega calderas surrounded by jade-green waters. Sensationally labelled ‘the valley of death’, due to the stark and barren landscape that stretches horizon to horizon.

Well protected due to inaccessibility from the ground, scenic flying is the most practical way to experience the majesty of Cathedral Rock, the flamingo flocks of Lake Logipi, and the beautiful sand dunes and peculiar mushroom rocks of the Suguta Desert.

Popular Helicopter Safari Destinations

Helicopter Tour Destinations in Kenya

Our Helicopter Safaris covers some of the amazing Northern Kenya destinations, that are unexplored, untouched and never heard of in the world of safaris. Starting off from Nairobi, or Samburu or even from Solio Ranch Conservancy, enjoying a cool 5 hours of Helicopter Tours around these destinations, will leave you in awe. 

Visit Samburu for a luxury safari, enjoy the big five and the special five, and add a day into your safari itinerary visiting these destinations with our guided helicopter safari tour. within two or three hours of visiting either of these amazing destinations like Suguta Valley, Nayobotum Valley, Lake Logipi, Jade Sea in Lake Turkana, Central Island, Sibiloi Park, or even the nearby Mathew Ranges in samburu. 

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Suguta Valley Northen Kenya - Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Suguta Valley Northen Kenya - Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Suguta Valley Northen Kenya - Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya

Our Luxury Helicopter Safaris in Kenya

Fly to Samburu and Turkana With Our Helicopter Tours

Our Northern Safaris and Adventures start from Nairobi, visiting either Solio, Laikipia, or Samburu, will give you access to unending possibilities of a Kenyan Safari Adventure in Northern Kenya. Northern Kenya is one of the unexplored destinations in Kenya. Known to be a widely arid area, commonly known to be a desert, extending from Turkana to Samburu, to Chalbi Desert.

Apart from the big five found in the Laikipia Conservancies such as Solio, Lewa, and Namunyak, there’s more to explore and enjoy up in Northern Kenya. The region I quite big and you can do so much, including having breakfast on Mount Kenya, as you fish, or rather have a cold bath in one of the water pans in Suguta Valley.

Planning a Safari Tour in Northern Kenya should include one of the best Helicopter Tours, either visiting these magical destinations flying to Mount Kenya, or just enjoying a beautiful view of Lake Logipi famous for Flamingos. A magical place blessed to host huge numbers of flamingos, and the views from a helicopter ride, are so impressive.

Luxury Northern Kenya Safari Experiences

Northern Kenya is so photogenic and recommended mostly for photographers who look for stunning images, that are award-winning, impressive, and beat the logic. A good example is flying over Lake Logipi which is filled with flamingos, or even Suguta Valley which shows unending dunes of sand on the surface giving photographers an awe moment. 

Our Luxury Northern Kenya safaris are not to be missed, due to the life-changing experiences exposed to you in blink, and you will never have this in a lifetime, and only in Kenya. Experience this magical immersion into the most beautiful regions in East Africa. 


Suguta Valley Northen Kenya - Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Nabiyotum Crater - Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya

Helicopter Safari Packages

Kenya Helicopter Safari Packages - Helicopter Safari Itineraries

Are you looking for a luxury helicopter safari in Kenya? Well, we have amazing ideas, experiences, and many ways to make your holiday a magical experience for you and your loved ones. Take a perfect holiday to the north, and enjoy immense activities such as helicopter tours to Suguta Valley, or even breakfast on Mount Kenya, or simple excursions and activities such as bush dinners and breakfasts. 

We custom-make these Helicopter safaris for our guests, and prepare unique helicopter safari itineraries that we know will perfectly fit with your holiday interests. don’t hesitate to get in touch our experts for an incredible custom made safari itinerary to Northern Kenya.

Luxury Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania - Luxury Safaris in Africa
Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya
Helicopter Safaris in Kenya - Scenic Tours in Kenya - Mt Kenya Helicopter Tours

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